“I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live, even though he dies."


                        John 11:25

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First Presbyterian Church exists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to build a fellowship of Christian love, to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, and to serve this community and the world in the Spirit of the Servant Christ.

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During 1901-1902, a group of Presbyterians in Douglas met occasionally for services that were conducted by Rev. Edgar Tufts and Rev. John McDowell Alexander Lacy, who served as pastors of the Hazlehurst Church. These services were conducted in the Methodist Churches and Baptist Church. Two trustees for the group, F.S. Hart and Dr. John M. Hall, purchased a building site on the NE corner of Ward St. at Coffee Avenue for $40.00; construction began March 8, 1902. At the 1903 meeting of Presbytery, Rev. J.M.A. Lacy reported that the church had been organized, and it was enrolled by Presbytery.

Charter members included: Mr. & Mrs. T. O. Hart, Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Hart, Helen LaPrade Hart, Mrs. LaPrade, Mrs. W. P. (Euphrenia Sloan) Bellinger, and a Mr. McHargue. William Sumner Harden, a ministerial student, served the Douglas Church during 1904-1905 and became pastor in 1906, conducting services and organizing a Sunday School. Following this, the Home Missions Committee sent ministers and laymen to conduct services in the Douglas Church.

The Douglas Church became self-supporting during the pastorate of Rev. Frank L. Elvery (1940-45). Plans for a combination educational building and worship service facility were made during the pastorate of Rev. James L. McGirt (1946-52). This facility was erected in 1953 at a cost of $30,000. The new sanctuary was planned and erected in 1963-64 during the pastorate of Rev. Flay Riddle (1962-68). The building, which is the present sanctuary, cost $100,000 and was consecrated on September 13, 1964. On September 12, 1982 the Church celebrated the retirement of the construction cost mortgage in full, and the dedication of the sanctuary along with the burning of the note.